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Celebrate International Women’s Day

Posted by m.e.h. in Media


Today, March 8, is International Women’s Day. It is a day intended to celebrate women’s accomplishments and advocate for gender equality. It was originally called International Working Women’s day. It started as a Socialist political event, so it has roots in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union. The attached artwork is a poster from Russia for International Women’s Day in 1914.

Here are some ideas for ways to celebrate women today. Anything recommending cupcakes is alright in my book. Also, here are 10 facts about women in politics. Impress your friends with these random nuggets. They make great Tweets.

But above all, stop today and take a moment to think of the women around you that work hard. Whether they are the primary caregiver of your home and children, your boss or your therapist, the contribution women make everyday in society can’t be underestimated. Men may rule the boardroom (for now) but women make the world go round.